HSC Sociology Assignment Answer 2021– 6th, 5th week somaj biggan

HSC Sociology Assignment Answer 2021 New guidelines for submission of the practical book of SSC-HSC candidates, This year’s SSC and HSC Social Science examinations will be held only on elective subjects. The Dhaka Board has given new instructions to submit the practical books of these candidates. 6th-week somaj biggan.

The board said that SSC candidates should prepare a book of any two practical activities in each subject as per the short syllabus and submit it to their respective institutes. এইচএসসি এসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান/উত্তর ২০২১ সালের সমাজবিজ্ঞান ৬ষ্ট সপ্তাহ এসাইনমেন্ট -৪

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HSC Sociology Assignment 2021 Answer – 5th-week Somaj Biggan

And HSC candidates are also required to give a short syllabus for each paper in each of their elective subjects.

Two practical activity books should be prepared and submitted.

The new guidelines were issued on Tuesday (August 18) for the practical books of SSC and equivalent and HSC and equivalent candidates.

In the directive, the board said that the syllabus of SSC and equivalent and HSC and equivalent examinations for 2021 has been rearranged due to Corona overdose.

The reorganized syllabus also mentions what needs to be done on all the subjects that are practical. Since due to Corona situation 2021 SSC and equivalent and HSC and equivalent candidates

Only elective subject examinations will be held, so it is necessary to submit the practical ledger (note comprehension) of the elective subject.

The board further said that the SSC and equivalent candidates in each of its elective subjects

Make a notebook of any two practical activities of the applicant mentioned in the short syllabus and submit it to their respective institutions.

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Instructions for Assignment Students:
A. The main objective is to achieve the learning outcomes of the students. This will facilitate the next class of lessons. So it is important to consider following;

B. Use the textbooks prepared by NCTB for the academic year 2020 to prepare assignments or scheduled assignments;

C. Students’ individuality, individuality and creativity will be verified in the assessment. So if you submit an assignment or assignment after seeing the writings of Nate, guide or others, it will be canceled and you will have to submit that assignment or assignment again.

D. You have to write the assignment or the assigned work by yourself. It will be useful to understand the subject as well as the practice of handwriting.

E. When writing assignments or assignments, you should use paper in any corner. However, on the 1st page, name, class, rail number, subject, assignment or title of the assigned work should be clearly written.

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